The Odd Squad

Primetime | 60-90 Mins | Daily/Weekly

Stick together to bring home the bounty.

Teamwork wins the day in The Odd Squad, where a group of strangers of all shapes and sizes trek across extreme terrain and navigate challenges engineered to test their fears, physiques and phobias. If they cross the finish line together they'll win an equal share of $100,001 but for every one that doesn't make it, the jackpot fades away, as each team member has a bounty on their head. The fittest is worth $1, the fattest is worth $50,000. It’s a mission of self-discovery pushing them to breaking point. Will this unlikely bunch come together and work as a group and can they bring home the bounty?

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Brings together diverse contestants who are rarely seen in this genre‍‍
Aired in Germany