Daytime | 60 Mins | Daily/Weekly

With infuriatingly addictive riddles, Riddiculous is a hilarious new gameshow that keeps everyone's brains ticking!

Riddiculous is the hilariously addictive, brand-new quiz show, based on riddles. It’s jam-packed full of confusing conundrums and quick-fire general knowledge questions that’ll keep everyone on their toes. Three teams of two go head-to-head in a series of fast paced rounds, all in the hope of winning a cash prize - the more questions they get correct, the more money they bank. Correct answers also unlock riddles set by the very mischievous Riddlemaster. It’s infuriatingly addictive, with a mixture of verbal and visual puzzles that will appeal to the whole family - creating incredible play along moments. But only one pair will make it through to the tense endgame, The Riddle Run. Here, the brave team will take on a series of riddles and they’ll have to go up against the clock to solve them in lightning time. Plus, they'll have an important decision to make. Do they gamble their money on a double or nothing, final riddle, or risk losing it all if they get it wrong?

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A great mix of Q&A, visual and written riddles ensure rounds are full of variety
Aired in the UK