In Sickness
& In Hell

Primetime | 30-60 Mins | Daily

A prenuptial challenge like no other to find out if you're ready to make the ultimate commitment; for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in hell!

In Sickness & In Hell sees four couples put their relationships to the test in a 20-day adventure that will make or break them. With no past experience of living in nature, each couple must leave home comforts behind to face isolation in the heart of the jungle and find out if their love for one another is strong enough to survive the elements. With twists and difficult decisions to make at every turn, will the cracks start to show as the pressure builds? In Sickness & In Hell is the ultimate test of survival, loyalty and the power of love.

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Blends the popular trend of survival shows with a relationship experiment in a way that’s never been seen before on TV
Aired in Brazil