Man V Fly

Primetime/Access Primetime | 3-30 Mins Daily/Weekly

One man. One fly. One minute to kill it.

This bold, short-form comedy format is a hit with global audience sin search of action, laughter and... revenge! Since time began, the common fly has been the king of pests, tormenting us at every turn and laughing in the face of swatter-wielding humans. Now, this ancient grudge comes to TV as man and beast are locked in battle in the ‘Fly Dome’, where one human has just 60 seconds to kill a fly and collect the cash prize. Each contestant can bring their own special technique, equipment and strategy to the fight, but should the fly survive the clock, it gets to fly off to freedom while the player leaves in disgrace.

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Flexible format that works across multiple platforms‍‍
‍‍Aired in 8 countries including the UK
and Russia‍