The Hounds

Primetime/Late Night | 60 Mins | Weekly

The dogs don’t know it’s a game.

This groundbreaking gameshow format has attained worldwide attention for blending high-concept horror genre elements with the sensory thrills of outdoor adventure. Critics and fans alike are chilled and amazed at the boundary-pushing excitement of Release The Hounds, the program where three contestants are asked to complete terrifying psychological challenges in a dark, forested country estate for a chance at unlocking a series of chests containing escalating cash prizes. Keeping the cash is easy - if the exhausted contestants can run for their lives in the final stretch, evading a pack of ferocious guard dogs trained to execute precision takedowns on all intruders.

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Captures the sought-after 16-34 demographic‍‍‍
Aired in 7 countries including the UK‍