Primetime/Daytime | 15-30 Mins | Daily/Weekly

Where clip show meets sketch show
and draws a funny face on it.

A flatulent skyscraper, a greedy lawnmower, a possessed roundabout and a vacuum cleaner that’s allergic to cat hair. These are all characters in the brand new sketch show meets clip show – Doodlebugs – where we find out that everything has feelings. In each episode comedy characters are found in the unlikeliest of places – from 2 eggs sat inside a microwave to a factory production line manned by robots – with simple animation and comedy voiceover, inanimate objects come to life, turning into living, breathing, comical characters. With one-off clips and returning characters, Doodlebugs is sidesplitting entertainment that captivates audiences of all ages.

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‍Doodles can be added to channel archive footage with the added bonus of cross promoting key channel content!‍‍
Aired in the UK