Primetime | VOD | 30-60 Mins
Weekly/Stripped Event

Harrowing and hilarious tests await the brave, in this pain inflicting comedy game show.

Flinch is pain inflicting, tear inducing, bulletproof comedy! Each episode follows 8 contestants as they represent 3 comedic hosts in 3 fiendish games with one simple rule: DO. NOT. FLINCH. Flinches mean consequences. And consequences mean pain for the contestants and points for the host they represent… and that’s not a good thing. At the end of the episode the host with the most points will have to face a challenge of their own… THE FORFEIT! Flinch has gamified the global phenomenon of the #fail video, making for can’t-look-away TV that will have you laughing so hard it hurts!

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A large repertoire of tried and tested games are available; each more wacky and jaw-dropping than the last!
Aired in the UK and Russia