Cooking School

Primetime | 60 Mins | Weekly

Can celebs who are self-confessed, dreadful home cooks conquer the kitchen?

A brand-new culinary, reality challenge is about to be unleashed as ten celebrities, who are self-proclaimed ‘horrendous’ home cooks, take on a cookery competition series like no other. Celeb Cooking School tests whether any of our star cooks can be schooled and transformed by one of the best chefs in the culinary business. Working both solo and matched in pairs, an intensive cookery competition will have them sweating it out in the kitchen, as they tackle a series of complex cooking challenges well beyond their ability – leading to chaos in the kitchen. The celeb contestants who until now only know how to order food, will have to master how to cook it and make it taste delicious. The celebs are taught real cookery skills so they’ll have to take all the challenges very seriously and replicate essential cookery techniques, all to help them gain confidence and be crowned ‘Top of the Class’ at the end of the series.  But if they don’t impress, they’ll get an F for Fail and leave the school for good. 

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With celebrities of all ages and backgrounds, it creates the perfect mix of comedy, drama and emotion
Coming soon to the UK