In Solitary:
The Anti-Social Experiment

Primetime | 60-90 Mins | Daily/Weekly

3 people. 3 pods. 5 days in total isolation.
How long would you last?

In a world of smart phones, social media, and overflowing schedules, when was the last time you were truly alone? In Solitary is the ultimate anti-social experiment, designed to test the limits of our ability to be completely on our own. Three people from different backgrounds step into separate solitary pods, where they endure five days in total isolation. They’re given everything they need to survive, but they can’t have any contact with the outside world. How long will they last? Time will tell in this nail-biting format that pits us against our ultimate friend or foe: our own mind.

Event TV – a massive hit on social media and successfully adapted for celebrity casting‍‍‍‍
Aired in the UK and Hungary