Power Of 10

Primetime/Access Primetime | 30 Mins Daily/Weekly

It’s a big-cash game of high-low as the results of quirky national surveys are revealed.

Can contestants really guess where public opinion stands on a variety of off-beat and unusual social and pop culture issues? Do they have the skills to climb the money ladder by predicting the results of large-scale, professional polls, and score a Power Of 10 payday? With everything riding on gut instinct, contestants must correctly guess how respondents would react to intriguing, comedic and wildly offbeat questions such as: ‘What percentage of Americans are afraid of circus clowns?’ or ‘What percentage of people think doctors drink too much?’

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Remote set-up with show system and graphics readily available‍‍‍
Aired in 26 countries including Australia, Chile, France and India‍